Lab to Fab

BX Semiconductor provides clients with a full range of ‘Lab to Fab’ solutions as well as technical consulting service.

Industry Development

Serving the national 5G development strategy

Compound semiconductor

Integrated circuit

Packaging and Testing

Panel industry

Construction of Bangxin customer service system for Three levels:

client on-site team

Level I service system

TPS team

Level II service system

R&D team

Level III service system

Building of a three-level customer service system, providing quick response to serve customers in a comprehensive way.

Five service commitments:

BX Semiconductor provides customers with a complete set of “Lab to Fab” solutions and technical consulting.


Grasp the timeliness

Respond quickly to customer needs and provide targeted solutions to customer needs.


Strict quality control

From product development to product production, it is necessary to go through layers of debugging to strictly control quality.


Safety first

Resolutely implement the production safety responsibility system, stick to the safety red line, and ensure safe production.


Efficient communication

Communicate and respond to problems as soon as they are encountered, and solve problems efficiently in the shortest time.


High-quality after-sales service

Provide professional after-sales technical guidance and assist in subsequent equipment installation, commissioning and use.

With the rigorous and truthful scientific research spirit and the

“Customer First”

service concept, Bang Xin has won praise from customers and gained industry reputation.